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Will you become partner of SCOOTERPLAN.NET !

With SCOOTERPLAN.NET we provide you an extensive and extensible software solution that enables you to offer your customers a variety of online booking and payment features. And as a partner of SCOOTERPLAN.NET you will also benefit. The flexible software allowes you to design your own whitelabel booking system and to get attractive commisions for recomending SCOOTERPLAN.NET. You get a partner account for testing and demonstration purposes and to evaluate the different functions and demonstrate the software features to your customers.
Available advertising media
In partner access you can create banners and text links to attract customers.

The SCOOTERPLAN.NET commission models

SCOOTERPLAN.NET agents will receive 15 percent commission

This is the case if a user registers on your recommendation or you register a user in the backend of your partner account. Advertise with SCOOTERPLAN.NET banners for our online booking system on your site and you will get a provision of all future account costs of the new account holder. A new user will also be credited to your agency or recommendation, if your partner ID is entered into the registration form in the registration process. We take care of the customer after the registration and support him during the further use of the booking system.

SCOOTERPLAN.NET solution partners receive 25 percent commission 

If you do all the support yourself you become solution partner. You will receive a higher commission and do the support for your customers on your own. That means you help your customers configuring and integrating the booking system into their websites. This level is ideal for web designers and agencies. You can offer your customers the combination of website and booking system in a bundle. And if you have questions or need assistance, you can always contact our support.

Register as a partner

Sign up today as a partner and get instant access to your booking system SCOOTERPLAN.NET for testing and demonstration purposes. After completing the registration process, you will recieve an e-mail with a confirmation link and further information to login.

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