1. Do I have to install SCOOTERPLAN.NET?

As a web application, SCOOTERPLAN.NET runs smoothly anywhere on the internet using a conventional web browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, or Safari, and does not have to be installed. At http://www.scooterplan.net/ you have access to all of its functions and can use the SCOOTERPLAN.NET online reservation system without having to install additional software.


2. How can I embed SCOOTERPLAN.NET into my website?

SCOOTERPLAN.NET can be embedded into your site using an iframe or as a popup window. To accomplish this, you or your web designer can either add an HTML snippet to your website or add a link in your object's advertisement that points to the rental object as well as a timetable of its availability. This enables your customer to reach your online reservation system simply by looking over your offers and clicking.


3. What happens to the data that has been entered (bookings/customers)?

Bookings and customer data are stored in a central location by SCOOTERPLAN.NET. We are committed to upholding strict data privacy policies. Additionally, your data are backed up regularly so that you have quick access to them should the need arise.


4. How does SCOOTERPLAN.NET prevent double bookings?

During the reservation process, SCOOTERPLAN.NET examines the availability of the requested object and only allows the reservation if the object is available and the requested rental period falls within your business hours.


5. Where do I see who has booked what?

SCOOTERPLAN.NET consists of a front end, which allows customers to place reservations and review previously made reservations, and a back end. As a rental agent, you can configure application options and view the data that is important to you using clearly laid out templates. Naturally, this includes all reservations as well as customer data. With the aid of reports, you can obtain an overview of booking transactions and the utilised capacity of your rental objects. This information can be exported into MS Excel on demand.


6. My offerings change frequently. How flexible is SCOOTERPLAN.NET?

To provide your customers a smooth experience and maximum usefulness, having up-to-date information such as business hours, availability, and pricing is very important. SCOOTERPLAN.NET helps you maintain these through the use of clearly laid out input fields and flexible configuration options.


7. Does SCOOTERPLAN.NET support seasonal prices and business hours?

Pricing models and business hours are very diverse. SCOOTERPLAN.NET flexibly manages business hours, prices, discounts, etc. Division by sales season is available as a standard feature.


8. What reporting capabilities does SCOOTERPLAN.NET offer?

Existing reservations and customer information are individually accessible and can be downloaded as a file in Excel format, allowing you to further update customer data and reservation lists conveniently.

You need further periodic reports? Please talk with us about rapid implementation of additional reports or lists.


9. I don't want to use the online payment option. Can I disable this?

The online payment function is disabled by default. If you do decide to offer this additional service to your customers, you can independently activate an established payment system such as PayPal and integrate it into your personal reservation system.


10. Why do renters have to log in using the front end when they have already made a successful reservation?

If a renter who has already successfully placed a reservation with you would like to make a new reservation, this reservation must be assigned to the customer in the customer management module. To access this module, the customer must log in using the e-mail address they currently have on file. As an alternative, the login function can also be deactivated. This would allow renters to make further reservations without having to log in through the front end. However, each new reservation will then create a new data record in the customer administration database. You would then need to manually merge any duplicate records using the "Find Duplicate Entries" function.

To navigate to login deactivation in the front end: Configuration > Options, Deactivate Customer Login in the Reservation Options area.


11. What is an object category?

An object category denotes a superordinate term that encompasses certain sections of your rental vehicles. For example, if you rent out various brands of scooters and motorcycles, "scooters and motorcycles" constitute the object category and the associated brands are then assigned to those object categories.

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