Take a "test drive" with SCOOTERPLAN.NET

This is your opportunity to test drive our newest model: SCOOTERPLAN.NET. You will find a sample website that rents out bikes, scooters and motorcycles - take the time to add your own vehicles and familiarise yourself with the complete functionality. We hope you have a good trip. If so, please register for your own personal account of SCOOTERPLAN.NET with an additional 30 days of free testing!

Front End

This is how the online reservation system could look when integrated into your website. Here you'll see the front end of the reservation system in action - embedded in a fictional website.


Screenshot Online-Buchung

Back End

You have access to all features available in the administrative area (back end), that you'll need as a rental agent in order to use your personal reservation system. Login with following account:
user: scooterdemo - password: demo


Screenshot Online-Reservierung

Please be aware that this demo site allows multiple users access to the same online reservation system data and that this data may change. This means that the dates and reservations you enter may likewise be viewed and changed by other interested rental agents using the demo site.

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