Vehicle Management

Vehicle models and vehicle categories

SCOOTERPLAN.NET is a software to administer your booking process. With the vehicle administration in the backend, you configure your vehicle models, define categories of vehicles and additional services. Vehicle models such as the frame size of a men's bike, tandem bikes for two people or child bikes can be described and deposited with a visually appealing photo.

Vehicle categories are user-friendly. They allow your customers an easy navigation through your web site. And in the backend your employees benefit from the usability of their management surface.

Vehicle fleet

With the online booking software, you can assign vehicles to your rental stations. Even the deployment of rental vehicles in partner stations is possible. The software is therefore particularly suitable for leasing and managing an own vehicle fleet.

With additional branches and offices, you can build your own distribution system. SCOOTERPLAN.NET is a dynamic software, giving you the flexibility to develop your own business ideas.

Managing tours and events

Maybe you want to offer in the future more than just vehicles. Apart from using the simple vehicle rental feature the booking system SCOOTERPLAN.NET allows as well the administration and booking of guided tours like cycling tours, segway tours or quad tours.

Even a GPS treasure hunt, followed by a picnic and a secluded campfire in a place with a view would be conceivable. No matter how crazy your idea is. With SCOOTERPLAN.NET enthusiasts can book online and pay immediately!

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