Optimize Your Rental

The key to a successful hire

City travelers and vacationers have a high affinity for the Internet. Therefore, an appropriately serious and especially current web presence is more as recommended. To rent bicycles, scooters, Segways and quads successfully you need a web site with an integrated online reservation system. That's the key to your success.

SCOOTERPLAN.NET for your website

Whether e-bikes, pedelecs, bicycles, motorcycles, scooters, quads and trikes - after you registration you must first enter all the vehicles and the additional services such as bicycle helmets, motorcycle jackets or bicycle trailer in the online reservation system SCOOTERPLAN.NET.

Then complements this with the rental rates and photos of the vehicles and with the opening times of your rental station.

Book online and pay in one operation

Site visitors can directly select the favorite vehicles or navigate through the various vehicle types up to the desired model. 

The reservation system SCOOTERPLAN.NET will then check all relevant availabilities and automatically calculates  the rental fee. Then your customers can book the chosen vehicles and services immediately.

Then the tenant will be forwarded to the online payment function and pay the rented bikes and cars. By an automatic confirmation of booking and payment process is terminated.

Utilization in real time and at a glance

The online booking software SCOOTERPLAN.NET automatically inform you of any booking by e-mail. In the administration area of management software - in the backend - you can check bookings made at any time and complete it manually.

By the assignment plan you can keep track. You can control the utilization of your rental vehicles and to identify the occupied and free period.

Requests locally or over the phone can you or your employee manually entered into the online booking software. SCOOTERPLAN.NET is an intelligent and versatile booking system. It always shows you the most current booking status on your website and in the administration area. In real time so you have everything under control. You can retrieve an HTML block and copy it for vehicles registered. Your individually configured SCOOTERPLAN.NET - software is in a few seconds in the source code of your website integrated.

Do you need help with the configuration of SCOOTERPLAN.NET?

You can reach SCOOTERPLAN.NET- support team in the chat, via the hotline and by e-mail. Monday - Friday 9.00 - 18.00 clock, we are online. E-mails outside business hours will be answered promptly.

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