Bike rental systems

Manage branches, found new rental stations and establish your network

Bike rental systems are not only reserved for metropolitan areas

Bike rental systems can be seen growing in many big cities all over the world. There is no day without news about the efficient rental networks with which town planners, tourist managers and logistics companies want to promote the new mobility.

Beside cities and tourist regions, more and more private companies and bike dealers organize their own bike rental networks. Every dealer can establish a system for renting bikes, e-bikes, scooters or segways. A central piece of software to manage all important informations and to coordinate the system is playing an important role.

SCOOTERPLAN.NET - For an efficient fleet management

With SCOOTERPLAN.NET you can define and automate the business processes between multiple rental stations and branches of a bike rental system. No matter of size of the rental business, the booking system offers beside an online booking modules, many features for an efficient fleet management, one-way rentals and customer relationship management.

SCOOTERPLAN.NET - Rental software with many interfaces

Multiple SCOOTERPLAN.NET accounts can be connected to create one network of rental companies. The booking software supports your cooperations with your partners.
Through an XML based interface, the rental software is open to data exchange with many other systems. With that feature an interface to ticketing systems, web portals or an accounting system is always possible.

Branch management

To establish a network, setting up branches and rental stations is required. With SCOOTERPLAN.NET you can define locations and stations and assign bikes and other vehicles to them. The configuration is easy to understand and can be done in minutes.

Multiple users

Defining multiple locations also means setting up additional users access for your employees. In the backend of the booking software you can create multiple user accounts and assign functional access rights or access to specific branches.

One-way rentals

To support individual requirements of your customers, we implemented the renting and return of bikes at different stations. Your hirers are now able plan a bike tour with receiving an e-Bike at location A, riding one way and return it at location B. Let them return by bus, boat or train with your partners.

Data access to all rental stations, reports and charts

Because all current data of your renting network is available in real time it is possible display consolidated reports across your network once you need it. The central data storage supports creating individual reports for the complete bike rental system or for individual branches. In every case, you always have the overview on your vehicle allocations and their availability.

Scalable IT - The growing booking system

SCOOTERPLAN.NET grows with your business.The number of branches or vehicles to manage can be changed easily. If your network consists of individual business units or companies with own rules for renting bikes, seperate accounts in SCOOTERPLAN.NET can be registered online and integrated into your rental system.

Software as a service - Business software from the cloud

You don't need to buy SCOOTERPLAN.NET. Just use the software service on the web for a monthly account fee. Including all features and the necessary number of managable vehicles. By that you have more liquidity available for your core business and your software can react in flexible way on changing amount of rentals and according the size of your vehicle pool. We look after the required hardware and run the rental software in a data center for you in a save and secure way. Including maintenance and feature updates.

Customizable to your needs

If you have specific processes which are not available in the standard software, it is possible to customize and extend the booking system according to you requirements. We offer you individual consulting on how to implement your optimized business processes in a rental software. Just ask for it and we are happy to help!

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