Booking Management

Booking options

There are various ways to do online booking and online reservation today. The reservation system SCOOTERPLAN.NET handles 6 variants

  • on the booking form on your website through your customers
  • on the reservation masks in the backend of the booking software manually entered by account holders or their employees
  • over the phone by setting up a telephone hotline
  • on unmanned terminals
  • via applications for smartphone
  • via barcodes (QR codes) on the rental object

Booking Calendar

The booking calendar on your website is the visible flagship of SCOOTERPLAN.NET.

The online booking software works with the "free calendar". The "free calendar" is a simple assignment plan on your website where visitors can easily enter beginn and end of their rental period of choice.

Booking calendar types

As a provider of online booking and reservation softwae for different target groups we work with multiple calendars.

The choice of calendar type defines the functions and capabilities of the software.

  • Free calendar or assignment schedule
  • Calendar of events
  • Clock Calender
  • Daily calendar


After applying vehicle categories, vehicle models, accessories and other desired customizations a HTML-code sniped for the booking mask can be created in the backend. You can then implement this HTML-code snippet using 'copy-and-paste' into your own website, a partner website or web portals.

Availability Display

The availability of your rental vehicles will be displayed in the assignment schedule on your website. For every booking request an availability check is automatically carried out.

Site visitors will see in the visible frontend reserved and available time periods. The bookings are displayed in in real time, so that the administration area of the backend of SCOOTERPLAN.NET is always showing the current availability state. The software checks each booking request independently and thereby prevents double bookings.

Multi-user capability

To manage high booking ammounts additional backend accounts can be created. This allowes multiple users to access the administrative area of the software and gives you the option to do several bookings from independent rental stations at the same time.

Set different prices

In the backend of the booking software different price types can be determined, including price per hour, per day, special or seasonal prices. These can each be configured for individual vehicles or all vehicles of a specified category, as well as for additional options.

The price calculation in frontend runs automatically, so that the pricing is transparent for your customers.

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